Queen of Carthage

SD City Opera - Without Walls Festival at La Jolla Playhouse


October 2015

Adapted from Dido And Aeneas music by Henry Purcell with a new libretto By Cory Hibbs    
Conductor and Music Director - Cory Hibbs    
Director - Cynthia Stokes    
Choreographer - Peter Kalivas    

Queen of Carthage Artist - Role

Bonnie Lander - Dido, Queen of Carthage    
Krista Wilford - Belinda, Her Sister    
Ron Hilley - Aeneas    
Leslie Leytham - A Sorceress    
Sara Perez - A Sorceress    
Timmy Simpson - First Man    
Alvin Almazan - A Sailor  
Photos Courtesy of Jim Carmody