L'Enfant et les Sortilèges

University of Arizona


November 2016

Music by Maurice Ravel    
Libretto by Colette    
Conductor – Dr. Thomas Cockrell    
Director- Cynthia Stokes    
Set Design – Sally Day    
Costume Design – Christopher Allen    
Lighting Design - Ken Phillips    
Stage Manager – Jenise Catrone    

L'Enfant et les Sortilèges Artist - Role

Ariana Iñiguez - The Child    
Clare Demer - The Child    
Piper Pack-Smith - Mother    
Juan Flores - The Armchair    
Emily Garcia - The Hassock    
Mark Hockenberry - The Grandfather Clock    
Antonio Cruz - The Grandfather Clock    
Jessica Lee Cory - The Chinese Teacup    
Joseph Gouge - The Teapot    
Michelle Marie Perrier - The Fire    
Brianna Barnhart - A Shepherdess    
Abigail Eckert - A Shepherd    
The Ensemble - Toys    
Soleil Olivia - The Princess    
Joseph Gouge - The Math Teacher    
The Ensemble - The Numbers    
Powell Brumm - The Male Cat    
Megan Loehr - The Female Cat    
Simon Faddoul - A Tree    
The Trees - The Ensemble    
Jessica Lee Cory - The Dragonfly    
Brianna Barnhart - The Nightingale    
Megan Loehr - The Bat    
Taylor Trolia-Giron - The Squirrel    
Emily Garcia - The Owl    
Ezra Zurita - The Frog    
Photos Courtesy of Mindi Acosta Rey